Major objectives of GLOMIS are:
(1)To construct a database with the characteristics of single mangrove species and of mangrove ecosystems;
(2)To disseminate worldwide the information stored in the Database;
(3)To focus on the functioning, management and rational uses of single species of mangroves and of entire mangrove ecosystems, including local environmental and socio-economic inplications for coastal communities;
(4)Organize, maintain and up-date at regular intervals the information system which is meant for the use of forestry, ficheries, law-makers and administrators, decision makers and users at large.

This first phase of GLOMIS consists of a searchable database of scientific literature relating to mangroves, institutions and scientists working on all aspects of mangroves, as well as regional projects and programmes related to mangroves.

We believe that GLOMIS is ready to be opened on the Web although refinements, improvements and corrections will always be needed. It is hoped that in the future it will be possible to add Notes and Abstracts to the References. Errors and misspelled words may have slipped our repeated checks. Some species names are still to be italicised. Please point out to GLOMIS Headquarters errors or omissions at the e-mail address: isme@mangrove.or.jp. If you wish to contribute new information to the GLOMIS Database, contact the Regional Centre of your Region or the Central Database at Okinawa which serves also Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America. All suggestions and comments are welcome. GLOMIS hopes to have an "Open Forum" service in the future for Case Studies, questions and answers.

GLOMIS is based at ISME's Secretariat in Okinawa, Japan and is supported by four regional centres located in Brazil, Fiji, Ghana and Malaysia.