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  1. Foliage and soil nutrients in Rhizophora apiculata Bl. stands
    Srivastava, P.B.L.(REBR1000030)
  2. Fundamentos de Limnologia
    Esteves, F.A.(REBR1000038)
  3. Fungi associated with the roots of red mangrove, Rhizophora mangle
    Lee, B.K.H.(REBR1000136)
  4. Facultative mutualism between red mangrove and root-fouling sponges in Belizean mangal
    Ellison, A.M.(REBR1000158)
  5. Floating, rooting and growth of red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle L.) seedlings: Effects on expansion of mangroves in southwestern Puerto Rico
    Banus, M.D.(REBR1000171)
  6. First appraisal on releasing and reinvasion of decapode larvae in a subtropical estuary from Brazil
    Negreiros-Fransozo, M.L.(REBR1000174)
  7. Fitogeografia geral do Estado do Parana
    Stellfeld, C.(REBR1000247)
  8. Factors influencing the variability of Mg, Ca, K in waters of a mangrove creek in Braganca, North Brazil
    Cohen, M.C.L.(REBR1000277)
  9. Field and model studies of the fate of particulate carbon in mangrove-fringed in Hinchinbrook Channel, Australia
    Wolanski, E.(REBR1000364)
  10. Forest structure and biomass distribution in a red mangrove stand in Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro
    Silva, C.A.R.(REBR1000428)
  11. Fishery production, anthropogenic and natural stress in Conceicao Lagoon, Santa Catarina, Brazil
    Sierra De L.(REBR1000489)
  12. Fontes de energia auxiliar no ecossistema do manguezal de Itacorub*, Ilha de Santa Catarina, Brasil
    Ledo, B.S.(REBR1000503)
  13. Fluxos de mares e interferencias antropogenicas dinamica, no espaco funcional de um manguezal naturalmente estressado. Estudo de caso
    Soriano-Sierra, E.J.(REBR1000511)
  14. Field measurements of gas exchange in Avicennia marina and Bruguiera gymnorrhiza
    Naidoo, G.(REBR1000522)
  15. Flora marinha do litoral norte do Estado de Sao Paulo e regioes circunvizinhas
    Joly, A.B.(REBR1000555)
  16. Free-living/attached bacteria ratio in the Cananéia estuary (25 \SYMBOL 176 \f "Symbol" S - 48 \SYMBOL 176 \f "Symbol" W) Brazil
    Mesquita, H. de S.L.(REBR1000572)
  17. Ferro e manganês em folhas de mangue em decomposição no estuário de Cananéia, SP
    Schmidt, G.(REBR1000605)
  18. Fish eggs and larval survey of Cananéia estuary, São Paulo, Brazil
    Sinque, C. (REBR1000612)
  19. Fitoplâncton da região lagunar de Cananéia: estudos ecológicos e interações com fatores climátológicos e hidrológicos
    Tundisi, J.G.(REBR1000626)
  20. Fluxos de mare e interferencias antropogenicas a hidrodinamica no interior de um manguezal naturalmente estressado
    Soriano-Sierrra, E.J.(REBR1000639)
  21. Fundamentals for a preliminary ecological model of the Terminos Lagoon
    Soberon-Chaves, G.(REBR1000836)
  22. Folclore na Regiao do Salgado, Para
    Andrade, J.(REBR1000845)
  23. Factores affecting the hydrochemistry of a mangrove tidal creek, Sepetiba Bay, Brazil
    Ovalle, A.R.C(REBR1000846)
  24. Fauna vagil associada a paineis experimentais no complexo estuarino-lagunar Mundau/Manguaba, Alagoas, Brasil
    Correia, M.D(REBR1000857)
  25. Fish associations in creeks of a river in the Island of Sao Luis, Northeastern Brazil
    Batista, V.D.S.(REBR1000899)
  26. Flora ficologica marinha da Ilha de Sao Luis (Estado do Maranhao, Brasil). I * Chlorophyta
    Ferreira-Correia, M.M. (REBR1000916)
  27. Foraminiferos da facies mangue da planicie de mare de Guaratiba, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
    Bronniman, P.(REBR1000948)
  28. Food sources of the mangrove tree crab Aratus pisonii: a carbon isotopic study
    Lacerda, L.D.(REBR1000960)
  29. Fluxes of nutrients and dissolved and particulate organic carbon in two mangrove creeks in Northeastern Australia
    Ayukai, T.(REBR1000962)
  30. Further new staurosporine derivatives from the ascidian Eudistoma toealensis and its predatory flatworm Pseudoceros sp.
    Schumpp, P.(REBR1000977)
  31. From mangroves to petroleum precursos: an example from tropical northeast Australia
    Risk, M.J.(REBR1000993)
  32. Fungi associated with aerial parts of Malaysian mangrove plants
    Kuthubutheen, A.J.(REBR1000998)
  33. Fate of metals in biota and biological interactions in the tropical coastal zone
    Brown, B.E.(REBR1001020)
  34. Flushing of salt from mangrove swamps
    Wolanski, E.(REBR1001030)
  35. Forest structure
    Smith III, T.J.(REBR1001158)
  36. Food chains and carbon fluxes
    Robertson, A.I.(REBR1001163)
  37. Flow through animal burrows in mangrove creeks
    Ridd, P.V.(REBR1001180)
  38. Fractionation of phosphate in sediments of four representative mangrove stages (French Guiana)
    Fabre, A.(REBR1001221)
  39. Frequency of occurrence of fungi on wood of Malaysian mangroves
    Alias, S.A.(REBR1001228)
  40. Forest structure and biomass of mangroves in the Mgeni estuary, South Africa
    Steinke, T.D.(REBR1001234)
  41. Fish and aquatic invertebrates use of mangrove prop root habitat in Florida, a review
    Thayer, G.W.(REBR1001269)
  42. Filed guide to North American Fishes, Whales and Dolphins
    Boschung, H.T.(REBR1001288)
  43. Frente salina e balanço de sal no estuario do Rio Pacoti, Ceara
    Freire, G.S.S.(REBR1001296)
  44. Faunal zonation and assemblages in the Pacific Colombian mangroves
    Cantera, J.R.(REBR1001336)
  45. Fisheries and shrimp aquaculture supported by mangroves: The ecological basis for economic valuation
    Rönnbäck, P.(REBR1001371)
  46. Foraminifera and Arcellacea ("Thecamoebians") zonation in South Brazilian mangroves
    Barbosa, C.F.(REBR1001372)
  47. Faunistic characterization of inhabitants of Rhizophora logs galleries in Araciteua mangrove (PA).
    Mello, C.F.(REBR1001384)
  48. Factors that influence the oxidation of the manganese in a growth of mangrove forest, Itacuruca, R.J.
    Canesin, F.P.(REBR1001409)
  49. Forest structure and litter production in fringe mangroves of North Brazil
    Reise, A.(REBR1001432)
  50. Feeding habits of the giant goby, Gobioides broussonnetti L., in the Amazon estuary
    Silva, I.B.(REBR1001445)


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