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  1. Heavy metals in estuarine sediments: Mangrove swamps of the Subae and Paraguaçu tributary rivers of Todos os Santos Bay, Bahia, Brazil
    Paredes, J.F.(REBR1000040)
  2. Heavy metals concentrations in sediments of mangrove swamps of the Todos os Santos Bay.
    Queiroz, A.F.S.(REBR1000042)
  3. Heavy metal accumulation by mangrove and saltmarsh intertidal sediments
    Lacerda, L.D.(REBR1000056)
  4. Heavy metal pollution of Santa Catarina Island, Brazil
    Queiroz, R.R.U.(REBR1000067)
  5. Hurricanes and mangrove regeneration: effects of Hurricane Joan, octovber, 1988, on the vegetation of Isla del Venado, Bluefields, Nicaragua
    Roth, L.C.(REBR1000151)
  6. Holocene sea-level rise and the fate of mangrove forests within the wider Caribbean region
    Randall, W.P.(REBR1000280)
  7. Habitos alimentares dos Mugilideos cultivados em viveiros da regiao de Itamaraca (Pernambuco, Brasil)
    Vasconcelos Filho, A.L.(REBR1000395)
  8. Host specialization among wood-decay polypore fungi in a Caribbean mangrove forest
    Foerster, C.R.(REBR1000465)
  9. Hidrografia e materia particulada em suspensao na Lagoa da Conceicao, Ilha de Santa Catarina, SC, Brasil
    Odebrecht, C. (REBR1000472)
  10. Heavy metals in humanic and fulvic acids from Coroa Grande mangrove deposits (Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil)
    Patchineelam, S.R.(REBR1000659)
  11. Hydrographic consideration in estuarine outwelling: an example and definitions
    Kjerfve, B.(REBR1000818)
  12. Hydrobiology of the Mangal
    Por, F.D.(REBR1000820)
  13. Homens e caranguejos: uma contribuicao geologica ao estudo dos manguezais da Baia de Vitoria (ES) como fonte de alimento
    Vale, C.C.(REBR1000895)
  14. Hypersaline intertidal habitats on the coastal of Maranhao, Northern Brazil: an introduction
    Santos, M.C.F.V.(REBR1000939)
  15. Hidroquimica de um canal de mare em um ecossistema de manguezal, Baia de Sepetiba, Rio de Janeiro
    Ovalle, A.R.C.(REBR1000975)
  16. Hydrology of a tropical estuarine system: Itamarac, Brazil
    Medeiros, C.(REBR1001101)
  17. Heavy metals in a coastal lagoon of the Gulf of Mexico
    Vazquez, G.F.(REBR1001199)
  18. Hydrological and hydrogeochemical variations in mangrove ecosystems
    Kjerfve, B.(REBR1001264)
  19. Hypersaline intertidal habitats on the coast of Maranhao, Northern Brazil. An Introduction
    Santos, M.C.F.V.(REBR1001284)
  20. Heavy metal distribution survey on sediments of a stresses mangrove fringed creek, Port-Reitz, Kenya
    Kamau, J.N.(REBR1001406)
  21. Heavy metal biogeochemistry in coastal Lagoons of Rio de Janeiro
    Lacerda, L.D.(REBR1001488)
  22. Heavy metal geochemistry in the sediments of a Brazilian mangrove
    Aragon, G.T.(REBR1001497)
  23. Hypocotyl function in seedling, development of the red mangrove, Rhizophora mangle L.
    Smith, S.M.(REBR1001559)
  24. Heavy metal contamination and physiological variability in the Brazilaian mangrove crabs Ucides cordatus and Callinects danae (Crustacea, Decapoda)
    Harris, R.R.(REBR1001599)
  25. Heavy metal concentration in water, sediment, shrimp (Penaeus monodon) and mullet (Liz parsia) in some brackish water ponds of the Sunderban, India
    Guhathakurta, H.(REBR1001628)
  26. History and biogeography of the mangrove ecosystem, based on a critical reassessment of the paleontological record
    Plaziat, J.C.(REBR1001672)
  27. Holocene vegetation and coastal environments changes from Lago Crispim record in northeastern Pará state, eastern Amazonia
    Behling, H.(REBR1001731)
  28. Heavy metal levels in the sediments of four Dar es Salaam mangroves accumulation in, and effect on morphology of the periwinkle, Littorina scabra (Mollusca: Gastropoda)
    DeWolf, H.(REBR1001737)
  29. Hurricane Andrew: Long-term consequences to well-studied ecosystems
    Pimm, S.I.(REBR1001748)
  30. Halophytes - A resource for the future
    Khan, M.A.(REBR1001830)
  31. Hurricane impacts on a mangrove forest in the Dominican Republic: Damage patterns and early recovery
    Sherman, R.E.(REBR1001831)
  32. Honduras: Caribbean Coast
    Harborne, A.R.(REBR1001914)
  33. How important are mangroves as a carbon source for decapod crustacean larvae in a tropical estuary?
    Schwamborn R.(REBR1002009)
  34. Hydraulic properties of a mangrove Avicennia geminans as affected by NaCl
    Sobrado, M.A.(REBR1002055)
  35. History of Late Holocene vegetation at Quintana Roo, Caribbean coast of Mexico
    Islebe, G.(REBR1002061)
  36. Heavy metals and methylmercury in a tropical coastal estuary and a mangrove in Brazil
    Kehrig, H.A.(REBR1002116)
  37. Holocene lagoonal development in isolated carbonate platforms off Belize
    Gischler, E.(REBR1002118)
  38. Historical extinctions in the sea
    Carltoon, J.T.(REBR1002129)
  39. Hyperspectral image data for mapping wetland vegetation
    Hirano, A.(REBR1002142)
  40. Human impact on coral reef ecosystem at mauritius Island, Indian ocean: trace elements in littoral ecosystem
    Brocero, S.(REBR1002161)
  41. Hyperspectral image radar for mapping wetland vegetation
    Hirano, A.(REBR1002176)
  42. High Zn and Cd accumulation in the oyster Crassostrea rhizophorae, and its relevance as a sentinel species
    Rebelo, M.D.(REBR1002197)
  43. Half a century of dynamic coastal change affecting mangrove shorelines of French Guiana. A case study based on remote sensing data analyses and field surveys
    Fromard, F.(REBR1002331)
  44. High level of genetic differentiation in the marine isopod Sphaeroma terebrans (Crustacea Isopoda Sphaeromatidae) as inferred by mitocondrial DNA analysis
    Baratti, M.(REBR1002428)
  45. Holocene millennial to centennial carbonate cyclicity recorded in slope sediments of the Great Bahama Bank and its climate implications
    Roth, S.(REBR1002433)
  46. Heavy metals in sediments, mussels and oysters from Trinidad and Venezuela
    Astudillo, L.R.(REBR1002507)
  47. Habitat analysis and exclusive bank feeding of the Antillean manatee (Trichechus manatus manatus L., 1758) in the Coswine Swamps of French Guiana, South America
    Spiegelberger, T.(REBR1002563)
  48. Hydroids (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) from shallow-water environments along the Caribbean coast of Panama
    Calder, D.R.(REBR1002571)
  49. Heavy metal distribution in mangrove sediments along mobile coastline of French Guiana
    Marchand, C.(REBR1002604)
  50. Heavy metals in surface sediments from Hizache-Caimanero Lagoon, Northwest Coast of Mexico
    Frias-Espericueta, M.G.(REBR1002605)


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