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  1. Juvenile development and growth patterns in the mud crab Eurytium limosum (Say, 1818) (Decapoda, Brachyura, Xanthidae) under laboratory conditions
    Guimar„es, F.J.(REBR1002527)
  2. Juvenile fish in two Puerto Rican mangroves
    Austin, H.M.(REFJ0000154)
  3. Jo and Ju save the mangroves
    Deo, S.(REFJ1100031)
  4. Julella avicenniae Borse comb. nov. (Thelenellaceae) from intertidal mangrove wood and miscellaneous fungi from the NE coast of Queensland
    Hyde, K.D.(REIN0001192)
  5. JICA mangrove project in Bali, Indonesia
    Ida, A.(REIN0001311)
  6. JIRCAS comprehensive project Productivity and Sustainable Utilization of Brackish Water Mangrove Ecosystems
  7. Journey amongst mangroves
    Field, C.(REJP0000239)

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