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  1. Knowledge and use of biodiversity in Brazilian hot spots
    Begossi, A.(REBR1002038)
  2. Key factor influencing transport of white shrimp (Litopenaeus setiferus) post-larvae into the Ossabaw Sound system, Georgia, USA
    Wenner, E.L.(REBR1002640)
  3. Know Fiji mangroves better
    Department of Forestry(REFJ0000021)
  4. Kosrae Island integrated coastal resources assessment for biodiversity/ cultural conservation and nature based tourism
    Wilson, A.M.(REFJ0000097)
  5. Keystone species and mangrove forest dynamics: The influence of burrowing by crabs on soil nutrient status and forest productivity
    Smith, T.J.(REFJ0000864)
  6. Korotogo bypass road - report on the foreshore application by PWD
    Billings, G.(REFJ0001090)
  7. Keys to Nigerian Species of Rhizophora
    Chapter, J.R.(REGH1000413)
  8. Karyotype analysis and 4C nuclear DNA estimation in three species of Acanthus, a mangrove associate from coastal Orissa
    Das, A.B.(REIN0000104)
  9. Karyotype diversity in three species of Heritiera, a common mangrove tree on the Orissa coast
    Das, A.B.(REIN0000105)
  10. Karyotype diversity and genomic variability in some Indian tree mangroves
    Das, A.B.(REIN0000537)
  11. Kenyan mangrove crabs:Feeding ecology and behavioral ecology of some selected species
    Dahdouh-Guebas, F.(REJP0000093)
  12. Know your mangroves, Second edition (Slide set)
    International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME)(REJP0000242)
  13. Kandelia obovata (rhizophoraceae), a new mangrove species from Eastern Asia
    Sheue, C.R.(REJP0000894)
  14. Keynote speech on Thailand's policy on conservation of natural resources
    Pongpol Adireksarn, H.E.(REJP0001226)
  15. Keynote speech on the role of Royal Forest Department in biosphere reserve management in Thailand
    Suraswadi, P.(REJP0001227)
  16. Ketene acetal and spiroacetal constituents of the marine fungus Aigialus parvus BCC 5311
    Vongvilai, P.(REJP0001313)
  17. Key challenges for maritimegovernancein West Africa: Fishery-based lessons from Guinea and Mauritania
    Trouillet, B.(REJP0003018)

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