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  1. Nutrient levels and heavy metals in mangrove sediments from Brisbane River, Australia
    Mackey, A.P.(REBR1000003)
  2. Note on Indonesian efforts in developing community based management on mangrove ecosystem
    Soegiarto, A.(REBR1000015)
  3. Nutrient and heavy metal retention in mangrove sediment receiving waste water
    Tam, N.F.Y.(REBR1000025)
  4. Nutrient concentration and retranslocation in mangroves from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica
    Soto, R.(REBR1000029)
  5. Nutrient status and chemical composition of mangrove seedlings during development
    Lacerda, L.D.(REBR1000055)
  6. Nutrients and mangroves
    Boto, K.G.(REBR1000062)
  7. Nitrate depuration of secondary sewage effluents in mangrove sediments
    Corredor, J.E. (REBR1000069)
  8. Nitrogen and tannins in mangrove leaves might explain interpopulation variations in the crab Aratus pisonii
    Conde, J.H.(REBR1000127)
  9. New record of the mangrove Pelliciera rhizophorae, on the Caribbean coast of, Nicaragua
    Roth, L.C.(REBR1000152)
  10. Notas sobre as algas do litoral paranaense
    Mattos, A.(REBR1000235)
  11. Nota previa sobre viveiros de peixes situados em Itamaraca Pernambuco (Brasil)
    Silva, J.E.(REBR1000386)
  12. Notas complementarias a la familia Rhizophoraceae en Veracruz
    Vasquez-Yanes, C.(REBR1000466)
  13. Nature of POC transport in a mangrove ecosystem: A carbon stable isotopic study
    Rezende, C.E.(REBR1000482)
  14. Nota sobre a presenca de Guaras, Eudocimus ruber (Linne, 1758) (Threskiornithidal, Aves)
    Marcondes-Machado, L.O.(REBR1000570)
  15. Notes on the benthic copepoda of the mangal ecosystem
    Por, F.D.(REBR1000645)
  16. Nitrogen fixation by Epicaulous cyanobacteria in the Pointe de la Saline mangrove community, Guadeloupe, French West Indies
    Sheridan, R.P.(REBR1000747)
  17. Natural regeneration of Rhizophora mangle in strip clearcuts in Northwest Ecuador
    Blanchard, J.(REBR1000756)
  18. Note on a scarlet ibis, Eudocimus ruber (Ciconiiformes), in the coastal area of Para, Brazil
    Rodrigues, A.A.F.(REBR1000887)
  19. Novas ocorrencias de diatomaceas Pennales para o Estado do Maranhao
    Pessoa, C.R.D.(REBR1000927)
  20. Nutrient dynamics of a Futian Mangrove forest in Shenzhen, South China
    Boto, K.G.(REBR1001041)
  21. Nitrogen nutritional status and fate of applied N in mangrove soils
    Chiu, C.Y.(REBR1001062)
  22. Nutrient dynamics in a mangrove creek (North Brazil) during the dry season
    Lara, R.J.(REBR1001105)
  23. Nutrient dynamics in a Futian mangrove forest in Shenzhen, South China
    Li, M.S.(REBR1001120)
  24. Natural resource management in mitigating climate impacts: the example of mangrove restoration in Vietnam
    Tri, N.H.(REBR1001141)
  25. Nutrient chemistry of two Papua New Guinean mangrove system
    Liebezeit, G.(REBR1001152)
  26. Nitrogen and phosphorus cycles
    Alongi, D.M.(REBR1001162)
  27. Nota sobre los manglares de las costas del noroeste del Choco, Colombia
    Alvarez-Leon, R.(REBR1001201)
  28. Notas sobre la ocurrencia de Pelamis platurus (Reptilia: Serpentes: Hydrophidae) en el Pacifico Colombiano
    Alvarez-Leon, R.(REBR1001203)
  29. Natureza do material em suspensao do estuario do Rio Pacoti
    Freire, G.S.S.(REBR1001294)
  30. Nutritional composition of mangrove leaves
    Bernini, E.(REBR1001329)
  31. Natural spatial dynamics of mangals through their margins: diagnostic elements
    Lebigre, J.M.(REBR1001343)
  32. Nature's subsides to shrimp and salmon farming
    Naylor, R.L.(REBR1001357)
  33. Nutrients and heavy metal contamination of plants and sediments in Futian mangrove forests
    Tam, N.F.Y.(REBR1001549)
  34. New lichens in the mangrove swamps of the Colombian Caribbean
    Avendaño-Remolina, D.(REBR1001581)
  35. Neoteredo reynei (Bivalvia:Teredinidae) in mangrove swamps of the Colombian Caribbean
    Sánchez-Alferez, A.S.(REBR1001584)
  36. Natural and man-made induced changes in a tidal channel mangrove system under tropical semi-arid climate at the entrance of Maracaibo Lake, Venezuela
    Medina, E.(REBR1001678)
  37. Note on Pelicaniformes, Ciconiiformes, terns (Sterninae) and black skimmers (Rynchopinae) along the Costa Chica of Oxaca, mexico
    Mellink, E.(REBR1001864)
  38. Nutrient dynamics in vegetated and unvegetated areas of a southern everglades mangrove creek
    Davis, S.E.(REBR1001874)
  39. New butenolides from two marine streptomycetes
    Mukku, V.J.R.(REBR1001893)
  40. Nitrogen metabolism and excretion in the mangrove killifish Rivulus marmoratus - I. The influence of environmental salinity and external ammonia
    Frick, N.T.(REBR1001906)
  41. Nitrogen metabolism and excretion in the mangrove killifish Rivulus marmoratus - II. Significance of ammonia volatilization in a teleost during air-exposure
    Frick, N.T.(REBR1001907)
  42. Níveis de chumbo, cobre e zinco em amostras de sedimentos do sistema costeiro Cananéia-Iguape (São Paulo, Brasil)
    Saito, R.T.(REBR1002067)
  43. Natural and anthropogenic impacts on Parque Nacional Morrocoy, Venezuela
    Bone, D.(REBR1002074)
  44. Nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide fluxes from South Florida habitats during the transition from dry to wet season: potential action on Everglades drainage and flooding on the atmosphere.
    Goreau, T.J.(REBR1002081)
  45. Novel chromone derivatives from the fungus Aspergillus versicolor isolated from the marine sponge Xestospongia exigua
    Lin, W.(REBR1002140)
  46. Nest site selection by ants in a flooded Mexican mangrove, with special reference to the eppiphyte orchid Myrmecophila christinae
    Dejean, A.(REBR1002145)
  47. Natural Schistosoma mansoni infection in wild rats from Guadeloupe: parasitological and immunological aspects
    Noya, B.A.(REBR1002152)
  48. Nodulation of Pterocarpus officinalis in the swamp forest of guadeloupe (Lesser Antilles)
    Saur, E.(REBR1002287)
  49. Neotropical wetlands: building links among wetland scientists
    Gottgens, J.F.(REBR1002410)
  50. Nutrient resorption in wetland macrophytes: comparison across several regions of different nutrient status
    Rejmankova, E.(REBR1002537)


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