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  1. The distribution and influence of heavy metals in mangrove forests of the Tamshui Estuary in Taiwan
    Chiu, C-Y.(REBR1000009)
  2. Tin in plants and surface waters in Malaysian ecosystems
    Peterson, P.J.(REBR1000010)
  3. Trace metal cycling in the U.S. coastal zone: A synthesis
    Ragsdale, H.L.(REBR1000011)
  4. Trace metals biogeochemistry and diffuse pollution in mangrove ecosystems
    Lacerda, L.D.(REBR1000021)
  5. Territpórios pesqueiros: Instrumentos de gestão
    Cardoso, E.S.(REBR1000036)
  6. The fate of trace metals in suspended matter in a mangrove creek during a tidal cycle
    Lacerda, L.D.(REBR1000057)
  7. The biogeochemistry and trace metals distribution of mangrove rhizospheres
    Lacerda, L.D. (REBR1000076)
  8. Traditional and medicinal uses of mangroves
    Bandaranayake, W. M.(REBR1000080)
  9. Timber products of mangroves
    Aksornkoae, S.(REBR1000081 )
  10. Terras de Marinha
    Santos, R.S.(REBR1000103)
  11. The mangrove tree crab Aratus pisonii in a tropical estuarine coastal lagoon
    Conde, J.H.(REBR1000126)
  12. The life history of the tree crab Aratus pisonii
    Warner, G.F.(REBR1000130)
  13. The grapsoid crabs of America
    Rathbun, M.J. (REBR1000131)
  14. The ecology of Belizean mangrove-root fouling communities. I. Epibenthic fauna are barriers to isopod attack of red mangrove roots
    Ellison, A.M.(REBR1000161)
  15. The exchange of organic carbon in basin mangrove forests in a Southwest Florida estuary
    Twilley, R.R.(REBR1000163)
  16. The inland mangroves of Inagua
    Lugo, A.E.(REBR1000195)
  17. Transfer of salt and nutrients in Bruguiera gymnorrhiza leaves during development and senescence
    Wang, W.(REBR1000225)
  18. Technical and economic feasibility analysis of the culture of the land crab Ucides cordatus (Linnaeus, 1763) in Paran* Cost, Brazil
    Ostrensky, A.(REBR1000237)
  19. The dynamics of heavy metals through litterfall and decomposition in a red mangrove forest
    Silva, C.R.A.(REBR1000276)
  20. Taxonomia e ecologia do microfitoplancton do estuario do Rio Timbo(Pernambuco - Brasil)
    Cunha, M. G.G.S.(REBR1000313)
  21. Taxonomia e ecologia da fauna ictiologica da aea de Suape (Pernambuco - Brasil)
    Vasconcelos Filho, A.L.(REBR1000333)
  22. The plankton rotifers of the estuarine lagunar complex of Suape (Pernambuco, Brazil)
    Neumann-Leitao, S.(REBR1000356)
  23. Tipos e aspectos do Brasil. Viveiros de peixes do Recife
    Pedrosa, C.(REBR1000377)
  24. The effects of electric impulse on growth of Rhizophora mucronata seedlings (Rhizophorales: Rhizophoraceae)
    Kathiresan, K.(REBR1000393)
  25. The combined effects of salinity, temperature, antibiotic and aeration on larval growth and survival of the mangrove oyster, Crassostrea rhizophorae
    Lemos, M.B.N.(REBR1000407)
  26. Teor de proteinas e acidos nucleicos em ostras e lambretas da Baia de Todos os Santos
    Nascimento, I.A.(REBR1000412)
  27. The use of the Mussel Watch and Molecular Marker concepts in studies of hidrocarbons in a tropica bay (Todos os Santos, Bahia, Brazil)
    Porte, C.(REBR1000425)
  28. The comparative growth and survival of the Pacific oyster (Crassostres gigas Thunberg, C. gigas var. Kumamoto) and the mangrove oyster (C. rhizophorae) in Todos os Santos Bay, Brasil
    Simoes, M.I.R.(REBR1000441)
  29. The spatial distribution of particulate organic matter and some physical and chemical water properties in Conceição Lagoon, Santa Catarina, Brasil
    Knoppers, A.B.(REBR1000464)
  30. The ecological cost of urban expansion in a mangrove system: a case study
    Soriano-Sierra, E.J.(REBR1000494)
  31. The mangal of the estuary and lagoon system of Cananéia (Brazil)
    Por, F.D.(REBR1000585)
  32. The blackwater estuary of Rio Una do Prelado (São Paulo, Brazil): preliminary data
    Por, F.D.(REBR1000586)
  33. The Cananéia lagoon estuarine system, São Paulo, Brazil
    Schaeffer-Novelli, Y.(REBR1000602)
  34. Teores de alguns elementos traços metabólicos em sedimentos pelíticos da superfície de fundo da região lagunar Cananéia - Iguape (SP)
    Tessler, M.G.(REBR1000621)
  35. Tides and waters of a mangal
    Por, F.D.(REBR1000647)
  36. The occurrence and distribution of crabs in a Jamaican mangrove swamp
    Warner, G.F.(REBR1000661)
  37. The mangrove swamp: an ecosystem in danger
    Linden, O.(REBR1000665)
  38. The data management centre and data summary
    Linton, D.M.(REBR1000690)
  39. The mangroves of Laguna de Terminos, Mexico, Current studies and perspectives
    Vera-Herrera, F.R.(REBR1000714)
  40. The possible role of Spartina alterniflora Loisel. in establishment of mangroves in Florida
    Lewis, R.R.(REBR1000722)
  41. The mystery of Pterocarpetum rhizophorosus
    Snedacker, S.C.(REBR1000737)
  42. The influence of bird rockeries on nutrient cycling and organic matter production in the Shark river, Florida Everglades
    Burton, T.M.(REBR1000773)
  43. The tree-climbing crabs of Trinidad
    Von Hagen, H.O.(REBR1000780)
  44. Tropical forest conservation and estuarine ecology
    Carr, A.(REBR1000795)
  45. The vegetation of the Netherlands Antilles
    Stoffers, A.I.(REBR1000810)
  46. The use of optimal foraging theory in the understanding of fishing strategies; A case from Sepetiba bay (Rio de Janeiro, State, Brazil)
    Begossi, A.(REBR1000819)
  47. The fungi of mangal ecosystems
    Ulken, A.(REBR1000821)
  48. The lower Sao Francisco River
    Caldas, J.(REBR1000839)
  49. Tipos eco-fisionomicos de vegetacao do territorio Federal do Amapa.
    Azevedo, L.G.(REBR1000868)
  50. Tool use and predation of oysters (Crassostrea rhizophorae) by the tufted capuchin, Cebus apella apella, in brackish water mangrove swamp
    Fernandes, M.E.B.(REBR1000914 )


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