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  1. Uma setorizacao enderecada ao planejamento regional
    Ab'saber, A.N(REBR1000085)
  2. Use of DCB technique for extraction of hydrous iron oxides from roots of wetland plants
    Taylor, G.J.(REBR1000183)
  3. Utilization of the isthmian land bridge during the Cenozoic - paleobotanical evidence for timing, and the selective influence of altitudes and climate
    Graham, A.(REBR1000285)
  4. Utilizacion de zonas de manglares en el Estado de Pernambuco (Brasil) para fins de acuicultura
    Calvacanti, L. B.(REBR1000298)
  5. Utilization economique de ecossistemes fragiles: un defi pour la getion integree dans la zone cotie soustropicale du Brasil
    Ledo, B.S. (REBR1000505)
  6. Use of mangroves by traditional fishermen in Madagascar
    Rasolofo, M.V.(REBR1000738)
  7. Una aproximacion de los humedales de Colombia
    Guerrero, E.(REBR1001205)
  8. Utilização de técnicas de sensoriamento remoto para identificação de manguezais na área estuarina do Canal de Santa Cruz, litoral norte de Pernambuco
    Silva, H.P.(REBR1001404)
  9. Unidades pedo-geomorfologicas quaternarias e o planejamento do uso do solo na Baixada de Sepetiba, RJ
    Moura, J.R.S.(REBR1001709)
  10. Ultraestructure od ascus and ascospore appendages of the mangrove fungus Halosarpheia ratnagiriensis (Halosarphaeriales, Ascomycota)
    Baker, T.A.(REBR1001838)
  11. Uma análise sobre a produção, demanda e preços do camarão cultivado, com ênfase para o mercado norte americano
    Rocha, I.P.(REBR1002102)
  12. Utilization and knowledge of biodiversity in the Ranong Biosphere Reserve, Thailand
    Macintosh, D.J.(REBR1002135)
  13. Use of synthetic aperture radar for recognition of coastal geomorphological features, land-use assessment and shoreline chnages in bragança coast, Pará, Norhtern Brazil
    Souza-Filho, P.W.M.(REBR1002151)
  14. Uso de habitat del manati antillano Trichechus mantus en el Magdalena Medio (Santander, colombia)
    Castelblanco-Martinez, D.(REBR1002240)
  15. Un refugio en la enramada, el bosque de manglar
    Sanchez, B.L.(REBR1002308)
  16. Using biogeography to help set priorities in marine conservation
    Lourie, S.A.(REBR1002358)
  17. Use of cell-specific PAM-fluorometry to characterize host shading in the epyphitic dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus toxicus
    Villareal, T.A.(REBR1002383)
  18. Using otolith microchemistry of Haemulon flavolineatum (French grunt) to characterize mangroves and coral reefs throughout Turneffe Atoll, Belize: difficulties at small spatial scales
    Chittaro, P.M.(REBR1002546)
  19. Urban influences on the nitrogen cycle in Puerto Rico
    Ortiz-Zayas, J.(REBR1002690)
  20. Using mangroves as geological indicators of coastal changes in the Bragança macrotidal flat, Brazilian Amazon, A remote sensisng approach
    Souza, P.W.M.(REBR1002710)
  21. Using mangroves as a geological indicator of coastal changes in Bragança macrotidal flat, brazilian Amazon:A remote sensing data approach
    Souza Filho, P.W.M.(REBR1002791)
  22. Use of mangrove areas as sewerage treatment plants
    Green, G.(REFJ0000089)
  23. Using marine plants as nutrient bioindicators in the region of Pioneer Bay, Airlie Beach, Queensland - Summary and recommendations
    Dennison, W.C.(REFJ0000280)
  24. Une mangrove a Avicennia L.en Mediterranee occidentale au Miocene inferieur et moyen .Implications paleogeograques
    Bessedic, M.(REFJ0000348)
  25. Une mangrove complexe dans le Bartonien du bassin de l'Erbe (Ne'de l'Espagne )
    Cavagnetto, C.(REFJ0000359)
  26. Utilization and management of mangroves, 'marong' resources in Vanuatu
    Lal, P.(REFJ0000410)
  27. Utilization and management of inshore marine ecosystems of the tropical pacific Islands
    Helfrich, P. (ed.)(REFJ0000457)
  28. Use classification of mangrove areas, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia
    Devoe, N.N.(REFJ0000525)
  29. Understanding and managing mangrove forests in Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia
    Ewel, K.C.(REFJ0000556)
  30. Unvegetated saline flats in North Queensland
    Spenceley, A.P.(REFJ0000867)
  31. Use of a mangrove estuary as a nursery area by postlarval and juvenile Banana Prawns, Penaeus merguiensis de Man, in Northern Australia
    Vance, D.J.(REFJ0000871)
  32. Utilisation and conservation of western Australian mangroves
    Kenneally, K.F.(REFJ0001020)
  33. Understanding the linkages between biodiversity and Tourism: A Study of Ecotourism in a Coastal Village in Fiji.
    Sinha, C.C.(REFJ1100063)
  34. Utiliazation of mangroves by birds on the Freetown Penisula, Sierra Leone
    Field, G. D.(REGH1000263)
  35. Utilization of mangrove by birds in Guinée-Bissau
    Altemburg, W(REGH1000404)
  36. Une visite au Parc National du Banc d'Arguin. Itineraires Presentation des principale composantes naturelles.
    Gowthorpe, P.(REGH1001240)
  37. Ultrastructure and function of the salt gland in Avicennia marina.
    Gordon-Ish Shalom, N.(REGH1001476)
  38. Use of textural (CM) pattern for identification of depositional processes and environments of sediments of the Cauvery delta
    Seralathan, P.(REIN0000936)
  39. Utilization of mangrove ecosystem for aquaculture in India
    Kuthalingam, M.D.K(REIN0000937)
  40. UV-B induced alterations in composition of thylakoid membrane and amino acids in leaves of Rhizophora apiculata blume
    Moorthy, P.(REIN0000938)
  41. Uptake, retention and elimination of enteric bacteria and bivalve molluscs
    Kueh, C.S.W(REIN0001158)
  42. Ultrastructure of asci and ascospores of the mangrove ascomycete Dactylospora haliotrepha
    Au, D.W.T.(REIN0001242)
  43. Utilization of mangrove trees in Peninsular Malaysia
    Kader, R.A.(REIN0001428)
  44. Utilization of mangrove areas as breeding grounds for major demersal fish species in Matang, west coast of Peninsular Malaysia
    Mohammad-Isa, M.(REIN0001658)
  45. Utilization of remote sensing in the ecology of large river valleys
    Decamps, H.(REJP0000024)
  46. Use and management of nipa palm (Nypa fruticans, Arecaceae): a review
    Hamilton, L.S.(REJP0000069)
  47. Utilization of mangrove wood product around Mida Creek (Kenya) amongst subsistence and commercial users
    Dahdouh-Guebas, F.(REJP0000074)
  48. Underplanting-A means to ensure sustainable mangrove plantations in Bangladesh
    Siddiqi, N.A.(REJP0000155)
  49. Urban mangroves at Marapendi and Rodrigo de Freitas lagoons-Rio de Janeiro- Brazil-an experiment on restoration
    Moscatelli, M.(REJP0000285)
  50. Use of natural resources in the mangrove ecosystem of Thai Binh Province-ecological and economic consequences and solutions
    Chin, V.P.(REJP0000334)


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