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  1. Wood variation in Laguncularia racemosa and its effect on fibre quality
    Yanez-Espinoza, L.(REBR1000739)
  2. Water, Salt and nutrient fluxes of tropical tidal salt flats
    Ridd, P.(REBR1000832)
  3. Water circulation, groundwater outflow and nutrient dynamics in Mida creek, Kenya
    Kitheka, J.U.(REBR1001106)
  4. Wilhelm Michler, uma aventura científica nos trópicos
    Santos, N.P.(REBR1001387)
  5. Water discharge and sediment load from the western slopes of Colombian Andes with focus on San Juan River
    Restrepo, J.D.(REBR1001616)
  6. Why juvenile fish utilise mangrove habitats?
    Laegdsgaard, P.(REBR1001736)
  7. Wetland-water column exchanges of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in a southern Everglades dwarf mangrove
    Davis, S.E.(REBR1001802)
  8. Where have all beaches gone? Coastal erosion in the tropics
    Wong, P.P.(REBR1001983)
  9. What is so special about mangroves?
    Vannucci, M.(REBR1002001)
  10. Water ascent in tall trees: does evolution of land plants rely on a highly metastable state?
    Zimmermann, U.(REBR1002357)
  11. Woody debris in the mangrove forests of South Florida
    Krauss, K.W.(REBR1002436)
  12. Water discharge and sediment load to Sepetiba Bay from an anthropogenically-altered drainage basin, SE Brazil
    Molisani, M.M.(REBR1002439)
  13. Waterways and Byways of the Indian River Lagoon
    Littler, M.M.(REBR1002530)
  14. Water quality modelling in the Rio Chone estuary
    Stram, D.L.(REBR1002544)
  15. Water depth modifies relative predation risk for a motile fish taxon in Bahamian tidal creek
    Rypel, A.L.(REBR1002774)
  16. Wetland vegetation of the lower Orinoco Delta plain (Venezuela):A preliminary approach
    Vegas-Villarubia, T.(REBR1002779)
  17. When gene marriages don't work out:Divorce by subfunctionalization
    Cusack, B.P.(REBR1002780)
  18. Waterlogged wealth. Why waste the world's wet places?
    Maltby, E.(REBR1100031)
  19. Western Samoa mangrove fish survey
    Thollot, P.(REFJ0000010)
  20. Workshop on mangrove ecosystem dynamics, Papua New Guinea, 1985
    Gragg, S.(REFJ0000017)
  21. Wildlife and wildlife habitat of American Samoa
    Amerson, A.B.(REFJ0000019)
  22. Who protects Queensland's mangroves?
    Saenger, P.(REFJ0000144)
  23. Water quality assessment and nutrient bioindicators using marine plants in the Maroochy River, Maroochy Shire, Queensland
    Dennison, W.C(REFJ0000243)
  24. Water quality and nutrient bioindicators using marine plants in the Maroochy River, Maroochy Shire, Queensland after a major flood event
    Dennison, W.C(REFJ0000273)
  25. Water quality and nutrient bioindicators using marine plants in the Maroochy River, Maroochy Shire, Queensland
    Dennison, W.C.(REFJ0000274)
  26. Western Samoa mangrove fish survey, Final report
    Thollot, P.(REFJ0000450)
  27. Who cares for the coast? - A guide to responsibilities for managing the coast
    Ministry of Transport(REFJ0000484)
  28. Wetlands are not just for the birds
    Department of Arts and Heritage and Environment(REFJ0000512)
  29. Woody debris in Micronesian mangrove forests
    Allen, J.A.(REFJ0000554)
  30. Wetlands of the Northern Territory
    Bailey, B.J.(REFJ0000693)
  31. Water quality and fish populations in a mangrove estuary modified by residential canal developments
    Saenger, P.(REFJ0000753)
  32. Wetlands of Australia: Southern (temperate) Australia
    Jacobs, S.W.L.(REFJ0000997)
  33. Wetlands of New South Wales
    Pressey, R.L.(REFJ0000998)
  34. Wetlands of north-western New South Wales
    Goodrick, G.N.(REFJ0000999)
  35. Wetlands of the Nepean-Hawkesbury catchment
    Stricker, J.S.(REFJ0001000)
  36. Wetlands of the River Murray below Lake Hume
    Pressey, R.L.(REFJ0001001)
  37. Wetlands of the River Murray: Distribution, classification and management
    Pressey, R.L.(REFJ0001002)
  38. Wetlands of Australia: Northern (tropical) Australia
    Finlayson, C.M.(REFJ0001003)
  39. Wetland vegetation pattern on the Adelaide River flood plain, Northern territory, Australia
    Bowman, D.M.J.S.(REFJ0001008)
  40. Why restore an oiled mangrove swamp?
    Rowley, D.M.(REFJ0001045)
  41. Wet coastal ecosystems
    Chapman, V.J.(REFJ1100020)
  42. Water circulation in mangroves and its implications for biodiversity
    Wolanski, E.(REFJ1100039)
  43. Working Group meeting for the regional use of mangroves in the Pacific island region
    Sua, T.S.(REFJ1100040)
  44. Where tides and Mangrove meet.
    Thompson Walter, A.(REFJ1100054)
  45. Whangarei Harbour Study: mangrove investigations.
    May Jonathan, D.(REFJ1100055)
  46. Wild about NZ. Northland (Videorecording)
    Bruce, B.(REFJ1100059)
  47. Wild South. Island eaten by Rats. The Mangroves. (Video recording)
    Television New Zealand Natural History Unit(REFJ1100061)
  48. West African rivers as biogeographic islands: species richness of fish communities
    Hugueny, B.(REGH1000054)
  49. Water quality measurements in the Niger Delta
    Hamor, T. (REGH1000163)
  50. Working scheme for mangroves of the Zanzibar Protectorate
    Griffith, A.L.(REGH1000469)


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