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  1. Caribbean Basins (CARIBAS)
    The Land Ocean Interaction in the Coastal Zone Project (LOICZ)(PRBR1000003)
  2. Coastal Pacific Ecosystems: Terrigeneous and Anthropogenic Influences
    Institut de recherehe pour le development.(PRFJ0000001)
  3. Conservation, Development and Management of Mangrove Resources in Malaysia
    Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA)(PRJP0000009)
  4. Comparative Study of Mangrove Policy and Legislation in Asia-Pacific
    Maritime Institute of Malaysia(PRJP0000014)
  5. Chinglo mangrove restoration project in Penghu County
    National Pingtung University of Science and Technology collaborated with Penghu County Government.(PRJP0000015)
  6. Conservation and sustainable use of the Mesoamerican barrier reef system project (GEF)
    Central American Commission on Environment and Development(PRJP0000039)
  7. Coastal wetlands protection and development project
    MARD, Prov. Peoples Committee(PRJP0000041)
  8. Conservation and management for multiple use and development of Colombian mangrove swamps Phase1, Phase 11, Stage 1 and 11
    Ministry of Environment (MOE), Colombia (PRJP0000062)

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