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  1. Mangrove Dynamics and Management - MADAM
    Center for Troipical Marine Ecology (ZMT)(PRBR1000001)
  2. Management of environmental pollution through the study of the transfer of material at the land-ocean interface: comparative analysis of Rio de Janeiro coastal ecosystems
    Universidade Federal Fluminense/Departamento de Geoquímica(PRBR1000005)
  3. Methods for monitoring habitat and abundance of Northern Australian mud crab Scylla serrata
    Northern Territory Fisheries(PRFJ0000005)
  4. Mangrove Replanting Project
    Penang Inshore Fishermen Welfare Association (PIFWA)(PRJP0000008)
  5. Mangrove floristics and Biogeography in Malaysia
    Maritime Institute of Malaysia(PRJP0000011)
  6. Mangrove Information Center Project
    Ministory of Forestory, 76 Land Rehabilitation and Social Forestry(PRJP0000017)
  7. Mangrove afforestation project
  8. MacArthur Project: Comparative research studies and training for sustainable planning development in Vietnam coastal zo
    Mangrove Ecosystem Research Centre(PRJP0000055)
  9. Multiple resources stratification, mapping and inventory for first forest zone in Gabon-Phase 1
    Direction Des inventories, des Amenage la Regeneration Des Forestal, Gabon (DIARF) (PRJP0000058)
  10. Management and conservation of mangroves in the Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras-Phase 1 and 11
    Administraacion Dorestal del E, (AFE-COHDEFOR), Honduras(PRJP0000065)
  11. Management, conservation and development of mangrove forests in Panama
    Institute for Renewable Natural Resources (INRENARE), Panama (PRJP0000067)
  12. Mangrove Walkway
  13. Mangrove Mortality at Piako, N.Z.
    Hauraki Catchment Board HCB (now Environment Waikato) and The University of Auckland, Dept Botany, Phytopathology Unit (Auck U.).(PRJP0000075)
  14. Manual and world natural mangrove atlas for mangrove system restoration
    International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME)(PRJP0000088)
  15. Mangrove resource information system of the scope and content of existing database
    International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems(PRJP0000090)

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