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  1. Rhizophora in Micronesia
    Marine Botany Group, University of Queensland(PRFJ0000004)
  2. Restoration of mangrove
    Reliance Petroleum Limited(PRJP0000007)
  3. Review of Mangrove Floristics and Biogeography in Asia-Pacific
    Maritime Institute of Malaysia(PRJP0000012)
  4. Raising a mangrove nursery for restoration of coastal areas in Senegal
    International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems(PRJP0000022)
  5. Rural development sports project : environmental assessment
    Min. of agriculture(PRJP0000037)
  6. Roads and municipal drainage project
    Min. of Works(PRJP0000040)
  7. Railway and ports restructuring project
    Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Mocambique (CFM)(PRJP0000043)
  8. Reversing environmental degradation trends in the South China sea and Gulf of Thailand
    Secretariat for the action plan for the seas of East Asia, Regional Coordinating Unit for the East Asian Seas (EAS/RCU)(PRJP0000047)
  9. Reduction of environmental impact from tropical shrimp trawling through the introduction of by-catch reduction technologies and change of management
  10. Reducing the impact of tropical shrimp trawling fisheries on living marine resources through removal of barriers to adoption of by-catch reduction devices PDF B
  11. Research on the coastal mangrove ecosystem in the Mekong Delta - Proposal of measures for rational utilization
    Mangrove Ecosystem Research Centre, Hanoi National Pedagogic University(PRJP0000052)
  12. Research on long-term consequences of the chemical warfare on the mangrove ecosystem - Proposal of solution
    Mangrove Ecosystem Research Centre, Hanoi National Pedagogic University(PRJP0000053)
  13. Rehabilitation of mangroves along the balochistan Coast
  14. Rehabilitation of mangrove forests in the FOTCO terminal area of Port Qasim
  15. Rehabilitation of Critical Coastal Ecosystem: Chokoria Sundarban
    IUCN Bangladesh Country Office(PRJP0000092)

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