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UP Volume 21, No.1 (June 2023)  (PDF)
Mangrove and other coastal plant species with anti-cancer properties : An overview
Chan, E.W.C., Wong, S.K., Inoue, T., Kainuma, M., Kezuka, M. & Chan, H.T.

Volume 20, No.4 (September 2022)  (PDF)
Some notable bioactivities of Rhizophora apiculata and Sonneratia alba
Chan, E.W.C., Lim, W.Y., Wong, C.W. & Ng, Y.K.

Volume 20, No.3 (August 2022)  (PDF)
Botany, uses, phytochemistry and bioactivities of mangrove associates I:Hibiscus tiliaceus
Wong, S.K. & Chan, E.W.C.

Volume 20, No.2 (July 2022)  (PDF)
Botany, distribution, phytochemistry and bioactivities of mangrove plants VI:Avicennia rumphiana
Chan, E.W.C., Tangah, J., Kezuka, M. & Chan, H.T.

Volume 20, No.1 (February 2022)  (PDF)
Criteria affecting the performance of three mangrove rehabilitation projects conducted by ISME
Baba, S., Chan, H.T., Kainuma, M., Oshiro, N., Kezuka, M., Kimura, N. & Inoue, T.

Volume 19, No.1 (December 2021)  (PDF)
A tribute to Heliodoro Sanchez-Paez and his lasting legacy towards mangrove conservation and management in Colombia
Alvarez-Leon, R., Blanco-Libreros, J.F., Lopez-Rodriguez S.R., Perez-Vega G.F., Valencia A.M., Rios Y.D.L & Ramirez-Ruiz K.

Volume 18, No.1 (November 2020)  (PDF)
Aglaia cucullata: A little-known mangrove with big potential for research
Meepol, W., Maxwell, G.S., & Havanond, S.

Volume 17, No.1 (May 2019)  (PDF)
The world°«s first International Mangrove Botanical Garden
Maxwell, G.S., Aksornkoae, S. & Havanond, S.

Volume 16, No.4 (August 2018)  (PDF)
Mangroves are assets to the many but a curse to the few – polarised perceptions in New Zealand
Maxwell, G.S.

Volume 16, No.3 (May 2018)  (PDF)
Mangroves of the atolls of the Maldives, rich among the atoll groups of the Indian Ocean
Sivakumar, K., Rilwan, A., Priyanka, K., Salah, M. & Kathiresan, K.

Volume 16, No.2 (April 2018)  (PDF)
Burial of mangroves by mobile dunes: a climate change threat in semiarid coasts
Lacerda, L.D.

Volume 16, No.1 (March 2018)  (PDF)
Plastics: A menace to the mangrove ecosystems of megacity Mumbai, India
Kantharajan, G., Pandey, P.K., Krishnan, P., Bharti, V.S. & Samuel, V.D.

Volume 15, No.1 (January 2017)  (PDF)
Botany, uses, chemistry and bioactivities of mangrove plants V: Acrostichum aureum and
A. speciosum
Kimura, N., Kainuma, M., Inoue,T., Chan, H.T., Tangah, J., Baba, K., Oshiro, N. & Okamoto, C.

Volume 14, No.3 (April 2016)  (PDF)
Introducing CGMFC-21 (Continuous Global Mangrove Forest Cover for the 21st Century)
Hamilton, S.E.

Volume 14, No.2 (March 2016)  (PDF)
Botany, uses, chemistry and bioactivities of mangrove plants IV: Avicennia marina
Baba, S., Chan, H.T., Oshiro, N., Kezuka, M., Maxwell, G.S., Inoue, T. & Chan, E.W.

Volume 14, No.1 (January 2016)  (PDF)
Botany, uses, chemistry and bioactivities of mangrove plants III: Xylocarpus granatum
Baba, S., Chan, H.T., Kainuma, M., Kezuka, M., Chan, E.W.C. & Tangah, J.

Volume 13, No.6 (November 2015)  (PDF)
Botany, uses, chemistry and bioactivities of mangrove plants II: Ceriops tagal
Chan, E.W.C., Tangah, J., Kezuka, M., Hoan, H.D. & Binh, C.H.

Volume 13, No.5 (October 2015)   (PDF)
Special Edition
Gaps in mangrove science
Maxwell, G.S.
Volume 13, No.4 (August 2015)  (PDF)
Botany, uses, chemistry and bioactivities of mangrove plants I: Rhizophora stylosa
Kainuma, M., Kezuka, M., Inoue, T., Chan, E.W.C., Tangah, J., Baba, S. & Chan, H.T.

Volume 13, No.3 (May 2015)  (PDF)
Monkeys as propagule predators
Maxwell, G.S., Meepol, W. & Lai, C.H.Y.

Volume 13, No.2 (Apr 2015)  (PDF)
Rhizophora x mohanii: A putative hybrid between Rhizophora mucronata and Rhizophora stylosa from mangroves of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
Ragavan, P., Saxena, A., Jayaraj, R.S.C., Ravichandran, K. & Saravanan, S.

Volume 13, No.1 (Feb 2015)  (PDF)
Catastrophe in the world's largest single tract of mangrove forest - The Sundarbans of Bangladesh
Bhuiyan, M. R.

Volume 12, No.3 (May 2014)  (PDF)
A hybrid of Acrostichum from Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
Ragavan, P., Saxena, A., Mohan, P.M. & Ravichandran, K.

Volume 12, No.2 (March 2014)  (PDF)
Some topics of research interest in the Matang Working Plan (2010–2019)
Chan, H.T.

Volume 12, No.1 (January 2014)  (PDF)
A note on the sexual behaviour of proboscis monkeys at Labuk Bay, Sandakan, Sabah
Tangah, J.

Volume 11, No.3 (December 2013)  (PDF)
A note on the agonistic behaviour of proboscis monkeys at Labuk Bay, Sandakan, Sabah
Tangah, J.

Volume 11, No.2 (November 2013)  (PDF)
Sonneratia griffithii Kurz: Status and distribution in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Ragavan, P., Ravichandran, K., Mohan, P.M. & Saxena, A.

Volume 11, No.1 (October 2013)  (PDF)
Mangrove deforestation in the Dominican Republic, 1969 to 2012
Meyer-Arendt, K.J., Byrd, S. & Hamilton, S.

Volume 10, No.8 (November 2012)  (PDF)
Avicennia marina foliage as a salt enrichment nutrient for New Zealand dairy cattle
Maxwell, G.S. & Lai, C.

Volume 10, No.7 (October 2012)  (PDF)
Antioxidant and anti-tyrosinase properties of wood vinegar from Matang Mangroves, Malaysia
Chan, E.W.C., Tan, Y.P., Chin, S.J. & Gan, L.Y.

Volume 10, No.6 (September 2012)  (PDF)
Cluster planting of mangroves along Sungai Garama, Beaufort, Sabah, Malaysia
Tangah, J., Baba, S. & Chan, H.T.

Volume 10, No.5 (August 2012)  (PDF)
Butterflies and mangrove branches
Baba, S., Inoue, T., Kadoya, T. & Fukuda, K.

Volume 10, No.4 (July 2012)  (PDF)
Potent antibacterial activity of wood vinegar from Matang Mangroves, Malaysia
Chan, E.W.C., Fong, C.H., Kang, K.X. & Chong, H.H.

Volume 10, No.3 (June 2012)  (PDF)
Shoreline retreat of a degrading mangrove forest in Sungai Besar, Selangor, Malaysia
Jeyanny, V., Azian, M., Fakhri, M.I., Wan Rasidah, K. & Suhaimi W.C.

Volume 10, No.2 (May 2012)  (PDF)
Survey of Rhizophora stylosa populations in Peninsular Malaysia
Ng, W.L. & Chan, H.T.

Volume 10, No.1 (April 2012)  (PDF)
Further observations on a natural Rhizophora hybrid population in Malaysia
Ng, W.L. & Chan, H.T.

Volume 9, No.5 (December 2011)  (PDF)
Preliminary study on natural hybrids of genus Rhizophora in India
Ragavan, P., Saxena, M., Coomar, T. & Saxena, A.

Volume 9, No.4 (October 2011)  (PDF)
Close group planting of mangroves on atolls and coral islands of the Pacific
Baba, S.

Volume 9, No. 3 (June 2011)  (PDF)
The Uraba Gulf Mangrove Expedition of Colombia
Blanco, J.F., Londoño-Mesa, M.H., Quan-Young, L., Urrego-Giraldo,L., Polanía, J.H., Osorio, A., Bernal, G. & Correa, I.D.

Volume 9, No. 2 (February 2011)  (PDF)
Plants in mangrove forests of the Lampi group of islands in Tanintharyi Division, Myanmar
Ono, K., Aung Kyaw Naing, Maung Maung Than, Toe Toe Aung, Mochida, Y. & Suzuki, K.

Volume 9, No. 1 (January 2011)  (PDF)
Quantifying mangrove deforestation in Ecuador's northern estuaries since the advent of commercial aquaculture
Hamilton, S. E.

Volume 8, No. 7 (July 2010)  (PDF)
About the mangroves of Banc d'Arguin, Mauritania
Blasco, F.

Volume 8, No. 6 (June 2010)  (PDF)
Satellite Detection of Shoreline Changes in the Sunderbans Mangrove Forest (1973-2006)
Rahman, M. M.

Volume 8, No. 5 (May 2010)  (PDF)
Unique features of mangrove ecosystems in India
Kathiresan, K.

Volume 8, No. 4 (April 2010)  (PDF)

Sacrificial leaf hypothesis of mangroves
Gray, L.J., Shubin, K., Cummins, H.,
McCollum, D., Bruns, T. & Comiskey, E.

Volume 8, No. 3 (March 2010)  (PDF)
Chemistry of lignin in Sonneratia apetala (Keora) wood of Bangladesh
Jahan, M.S., Al-Maruf, A. & Chowdhury, D.A.N.

Volume 8, No. 2 (February 2010)  (PDF)
Coastal rehabilitation project in the Maldives
Baba, S., Yamagami, S. & Nakao, Y.

Volume 8, No. 1 (January 2010)  (PDF)
Antioxidant properties of coastal and inland populations of Hibiscus tiliaceus
Wong, S.K. & Chan, E.W.C.

Volume 7, No. 5 (November 2009)  (PDF)
Challenges of planting mangroves in Kiribati
Baba, S., Nakao, Y. & Yamagami, S.

Volume 7, No. 4 (September 2009)  (PDF)
Investigation of site conditions for early establishment of Heritiera fomes seedlings
Ono, K., Than, M.M. & Baba, S.

Volume 7, No. 3 (August 2009)  (PDF)
Preliminary analysis of soil properties of an eroding mangrove shore in Selangor, Malaysia
Jeyanny, V., Suhaimi, W.C., Wan Rasidah, K., Adi, F. & Azian, M.

Volume 7, No. 2 (March 2009)  (PDF)
Management implications of the Sibyte Mangrove Forest Reserve in Sabah based on inventory data
Tangah, J. & Lohuji, P. L.

Volume 7, No. 1 (January 2009)  (PDF)
Chemical constituents of leaves of Rhizophora x lamarckii, R. apiculata and R. stylosa
Chan, E.W.C. & Wong, S.K.

Volume 6, No. 1 (October 2008)  (PDF)
ASTER imagery of forest areas of Sundarban damaged by cyclone Sidr
Akhter, M., Iqbal, Md. Z. & Chowdhury, R. M.

Volume 5, No. 2 (November 2006)  (PDF)

Barnacle infestation on the bark of
Kandelia candel (L.) Druceand Aegiceras
corniculatum(L.) Blanco
Maxwell, G.S. & Li, S.W.

Volume 5, No. 1 (July 2006)  (PDF)

Changes in mangrove extension along the Northeastern Brazilian coast
Maia, L.P., Monteiro, L.H.U.,
Souza, G.M. & Lacerda, L.D.

Volume 4, No. 2 (May 2004)  (PDF)

Mangroves and the development of the chemical industry in Brazil
Lacerda, L.D. & Santos, N.P.

Volume 4, No. 1 (April 2004)  (PDF)

Metal accumulation on the fine roots of Rhizophora mangle L.
Machado, W., Tanizaki, K.F. & Lacerda, L.D.

Volume 3, No. 1 (November 2003)  (PDF)

Biodiversity associated with mangroves in Colombia
Alvarez-León, R. & Garcia-Hansen, I.

Volume 2, No. 1 (July 2002)  (PDF)

River damming and changes in mangrove distribution
Lacerda, L.D. & Marins, R.V.

Volume 1, No. 2 (July, 2001)  (PDF)

World mangrove resources
Blasco,F., Carayon, J.L. & Aizpuru, M.

Volume 1, No. 1 (March, 2000)  (PDF)

Use of mangroves in landfill management
Lacerda, L.D., Machado, W. & Moscatelli, M.

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